Digic is a market leading two-tier investment system, coupled with a proven algorithm-based trading platform. We are on the cusp of breaking investment tradition to offer our clients the absolute best in profitable returns on investment.

This means that regardless of unpredictable swings in value, our investors will consistently receive a monthly dividend based on investment. At the end of the fixed invest term the cryptocurrency coin, and any interest that has been accrued, is theirs to keep.

From there, the control is entirely in the investors hands as to what you can do with that coin and if you choose to reinvest, you will receive the same outstanding service and consistent returns on your new investment amount.

Why Invest? - THE TIME IS NOW...

In the current cryptocurrency climate, there has never been a better time than now to invest as new coins are reaching the market every day and partnering with a trusted cryptocurrency subject matter expert like Digic is a major key to long-term success and consistent gains in the market. Digic benefits from a long history of investment success and diversifying into the cryptocurrency market was a natural transition. We have been able to replicate our previous successes in investments within the cryptocurrency arena enabling our clients to draw from a wealth of experience when it comes to sound investment strategies.

We do not shy away from the fact that the cryptocurrency market has experienced uncertainty and volatility recently. Volatility and doubt are an integral part of investing, but knowledge and sound data are the best tools to use when looking to combat uncertainty or predict which direction the market is going to take. Our team not only have the expertise to steer your investment to profitable returns, but also possess the previous experience of what it takes to make financially viable investments as aspects of the market are collapsing around them. This is just one of the many reason to choose Digic as your trusted investment partner.

Powerful and Intuitive

Powerful and intuitive algorithm-based software takes the guesswork out of effective and profitable investment.

Capitalise on Best Buy-in Rates

Capitalise on the best purchase rates of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and receive a healthy ROI from the comfort of your home.

Guided Investments

Our qualified analysts and in-house investment professionals will guide your investment and ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Easy and Straightforward

Our single account algorithm trading platform makes it easy and straightforward to access the best cryptocurrencies in the world and trade with ease.


Speed and security are of the essence when looking to execute effective trades in the fast-paced crypto market and Digic is the right choice when considering these important aspects. The Digic trading platform uses the highest available forms of encryption to ensure safety and security and our integrated trading algorithm enables our analysts to act quickly to market changes to optimise your investments and generate the best possible returns with speed and precision.


The user interface of our customer lead accounts is intuitive and incredibly easy to navigate. The Digic control panel has been designed with input from a panel of traders and fund managers so our customers are reaping the benefits that come from years of trading experience and this experience also comes through in our design.


Digic leads the way in cryptocurrency managed account trading and our qualified investment analysts are highly capable of making the best financial decisions for your cryptocurrency portfolio. Years of experience within the cryptocurrency market coupled with sound asset instincts allows our analysts to make your account’s bottom line ROI their first priority.


Our clients love us...

See what some of our investors think

Gary Launders

“I found the Digic UI incredibly easy to use and straightforward to understand. After years of using complicated dashboards, it’s great to see a cryptocurrency development team who know what they are doing.”

James Heatley

“After years of solo investing, I made the switch to Digic and have never looked back. The expertise of my account manager is unrivalled, and I have always felt that my best investment interests were at heart.”

David West
Fund Manager – BlackRock

“Digic combines market knowledge with excellent customer service to deliver a total investment package. I was able to receive 24% percent returns on my existing cryptocurrency portfolio without lifting a finger. I will be opening additional accounts to manage my entire portfolio without hesitation.”

Michael Donovan
Cryptocurrency Investor

“With the seemingly endless amount of managed investment companies out there, it’s nice to know that I have found a winner in Digic and I will continue to trust my cryptocurrency investments to the team. Excellent client support from day one and the best returns on the market.”

Caroline Wright
Crypto Investment Manager

“I have used the Digic trading platform for over three years and have enjoyed healthy returns on my obscure altcoin portfolio YOY as a result of working with the team. I am very happy with the effort my account manager applies to my portfolio and will continue to use Digic in the future.”

John Mahoney
Private Cryptocurrency Investor

“When it came time to migrate from my own investment accounts to a managed investment solution with Digic, I couldn’t have been happier with the transition. The team made the entire process easy to manage and was incredibly helpful when it was time to set up my account and start generating my first pipeline.”

Darren Whitcombe
Commodities Trader at E*Trade

“I have been in the crypto investment game for many years and rarely do you come across a managed portfolio service like Digic due to the combination of experience and platform. You usually get one or the other but with Digic, you get the best of both worlds.”

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It does not matter if your coin decreases in value you will still receive the same monthly dividends, and you will own your coin at the end of the fixed term.

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Its what we call a win win investment

What to expect on a journey with us…

We believe everyone deserves a deep understanding of their project before being given a price. So that we can better understand your needs and cater to you fairly we offer a free consultation to clients interested in our services. This is a phone consultation where your project will be discussed by your project assistant!

The assistant will then communicate your needs and vision to the amazing good intentioned web developer and together they will come up with a quote that is karmically fair to the project! No overcharging here! If the quote works for you then we start by taking an agreed deposit to start our work! Throughout the creation of your project we show and discuss what we are producing, making sure everything is liked and on track for the best outcome possible, we then take full payment and immediately transfer 20% of the profit to a vetted charity. Once our work is complete we celebrate and honour your journey with us by sending you a little gift for coming into our experience, working with us and helping us change the world for the better.


Why should I start a managed account as opposed to trading alone?
When trading alone, you must rely on your own means of research to make smart trades and potentially learn new strategies through painful trial and error. When you enlist the help of qualified analysts and account managers from Digic, you are taking the first steps towards using years of cryptocurrency trading experience for your benefit and you can rely on the expertise of qualified professionals who can help deliver excellent gains in the market. Using a managed investment account is also a great way to free up time to research new and emerging cryptocurrencies while making money on your existing portfolio.
Do I have to choose the cryptocurrencies I want to invest in?
We listen to our clients and advise the best ways to receive gains through any emerging cryptocurrencies they wish to invest in. We also use our integrated algorithm software to choose the best possible crypto options to invest in and will advise you every step of the way when it comes to possible investment options.
How do I get started?
Getting started with Digic is easy and straightforward. Simply visit the investor section of the website to start your free account today and one of our dedicated account managers will be in touch to further advise on the next steps.
What level of gains can I hope to see with Digic?
The levels of gains received depend on investment and our experienced analysis will isolate the best possible options in the market through or algorithm software to ensure the best investment options at that moment in time. We have a variety of different investment packages available to suit all investors, so the best course of action is to get started today and see for yourself what we can achieve together.

Achieve Next Level Profits with FIXED monthly dividends

Cryptocurrency trading performance with Digi-c far outperforms other managed platforms and offers a secure way to build your crypto portfolio whilst gaining regular monthly payments.

In today’s cryptocurrency trading market, the need for a knowledgeable and experienced trading partner is more important than ever. Digi-c combines years of cryptocurrency trading expertise with cutting-edge development to create a fully integrated and automated cryptocurrency trading platform with one mission – generating incredible results for our clients and delivering an outstanding return on investment for our customers.

Never Trade Alone Again

As an investor, you want to mitigate as much risk as possible which can sometimes be a difficult task when confronted with uncertainty in the market or volatility when it comes to unpredictable swings in coin value. Digi-c is the only choice as a trusted investment partner due to the combination of experience in the cryptocurrency trading arena and the results that have been generated for our clients in the past. Digi-c uses the latest algorithm technology available to access the very best options to add to your investment portfolio and will guide your investment to a profitable ROI even through difficult market conditions or product instability. Our in-house analysts are conditioned to choose the best investment options through the Digi-c integrated platform and you can rest assured that your investment is in the best possible hands.