Birth of Bitcoin – and the Future of Bitcoin

As an investor, you are already aware that Bitcoin is the first of its kind and has taken the financial world by storm. Even the ground-breaking idea of a truly decentralised currency that is not governed by any bank or financial institution is enough to get the blood moving but we understand that there is so much more to Bitcoin and we share the vision of making the benefits of a currency that is held in the hands of the people made available to everyone.

The value of this cryptocurrency went up over 210% in the last year alone and the market is showing no signs of slowing down or stopping. Bitcoin was trading at $450 halfway through 2016 and skyrocketed to a record-breaking $1,400 by May of 2017. No other commodity in history has experienced such a phenomenal growth trajectory in such a short period of time. The truly exceptional aspect of this rise to fame is that from humble beginnings and through scepticism, doubt, uncertainty and even full bans from certain countries, Bitcoin has persevered to become a finical powerhouse and is gaining recognition from governments and banks as an emerging asset class of the future.

The future of Bitcoin and other emerging altcoins looks bright but there will always be the need for guidance from people who have been in the market from the beginning and can guide you to the best possible investment options and that is where Digic can help.

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