Digic has a long-standing track record of creating opportunities for incredible growth within cryptocurrency portfolios and consistent ROI for our clients based on years of expertise in the cryptocurrency industry and the use of market-leading data compiled through our algorithm software. Digic has been helping customers achieve financial freedom for over 4 years now and as a business, we are diversifying into new and emerging technologies in order to better serve our clients.

Digic has come from humble beginnings as a specialised managed investment firm and over the last five years, we have gained a phenomenal amount of momentum and stand on the cusp of becoming a force within the cryptocurrency trading industry. Our main strengths lie in the collection of combined investment experience that our analytics and account managers possess in addition to harnessing our integrated algorithm software which has been designed to autonomously read pattern changes in the market and forecast potential investment points. This data in the hands of our term is a powerful combination which enables Digic to produce unprecedented results for our clients and deliver consistent gains in any climate.

Patrick Sharp is the founder and CEO of Digi-c and Mr. Sharp benefits from a wealth of experience within the fund management and cryptocurrency space. Patrick comes from an investment management background and after years of providing sound investment results to clients, Mr. Sharp diversified into the cryptocurrency industry and has duplicated his formula for investment success through heightened investment instincts and usage of his algorithm-based trading application which is capitalising on opportunities in the crypto arena and delivering incredible ROI’s for clients from around the world.

Patrick has guided and nurtured Digic from the very beginning to create a fully-integrated trading platform that combines technology with years of fund management and trading experience to make the power of Digic available to investors from all walks of life. Mr. Sharp has a very specific vision for the future of Digic and the future of the cryptocurrency market which has been talked about publicly in interviews and investor relations articles.

“I strongly believe that the industry is set to achieve spectacular things and even through the uncertainty as to which way the market is going to take, we have an opportunity to capitalise on the phenomenal growth experienced in the crypto market with the right tools and guidance.”

Mr Sharp was quoted as saying during a recent interview with Investec.

“For me, investment is so much more than getting lucky by choosing a rock bottom commodity to invest in and waiting for the cash to come in.”

“Consistent investment relies not only on experience and the ability to choose the next diamond in the rough but by also understanding how to extract solid data and applying that to your investment decisions. This understanding of what is required to win, even through dark days, was the main driving force behind making Digic available to all investors and working together to get everything we can out the crypto market without losing everything.”
“There are no winners if we trade anything for something else. Safe and consistent gains can be used in the same sentence and this is  just one aspect of what Digic brings to the market.”

We have offices all over the world and our main locations include United Kingdom, Cyprus and Hong Kong. We are currently expanding into areas where new cryptocurrencies are being developed and strive to be in areas where emerging cryptocurrencies are being created so we can have a strong presence in the market and bring unrivalled product knowledge to our clients.

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