The cryptocurrency market is infamous for the level of volatility that we see periodically and as an investor you are constantly watching the market in anticipation of market swings and drops in value. This can take up a huge amount of time and cause unnecessary worry and stress to investors, which is why we have created a 360-degree managed fund service to aid our clients and direct their investments to the highest returns possible through any market condition.

This managed fund service takes the guesswork out of running a cryptocurrency fund and puts the control back in you hands with limited risk and full benefits of return on investment. The principle is simple – When you invest with Digi-c we manage the coins that you own and pay dividends based on investment, not based on the market returns. This means that regardless of the coins value, which can swing wildly from month to month, you will receive cosistant dividends that you can rely on through any condition the market goes through. At the end of your fixed term, which is usually 2 to 3 years, the coin is yours and you have benefited from a healthy annual return without risking your investment based on unpredictable swings that the market experiences. The best part of using a managed cryptocurrency fund from Digi-c is that if your coin loses money and value your dividend does not change. It does not matter what the market is doing your monthly dividend is locked in, which allows you to focus on additional investments and growing your portfolio without worrying about how market volatility will impact your investments with Digi-c.

Managed funds vs investing alone

At Digi-c, we understand how difficult it can be investing in the cryptocurrency market alone and we are here to ensure that you don’t invest alone and our background in successful investment and financial consultancy services means that we are in a great position to guide and develop our customers investments through anything that market can throw at us. This background has been applied to our managed cryptocurrency fund service and our clients are benefiting from years of industry experience and seeing solid returns on investment every year regardless of how the coins are performing in the market. This service is just one of the many ways that Digi-c is quickly becoming an industry leader in managed investments and profitable return generation in the cryptocurrency space.When investing alone, you may not have access to resources, data, experience or guidance that the investment team at Digi-c can provide which makes it hard sometimes to choose tactics that are guaranteed to make a return. We have designed our managed fund service to deliver solid returns based on investment and we have eliminated the risk involved by investing alone. By combining the necessary data, using our considerable resources and connections, relying on our combined industry experience and guiding our clients to the best possible return, Digi-c has become the trusted partner for many investment professionals and we are proud of the results we have delivered so far.The team at Digi-c are showing no signs of stopping and in fact, our team is working harder to guaranteed positive returns on our clients’ portfolios through these uncertain times in the cryptocurrency market. Resilience, determination and commitment are the qualities that set us apart from the competition and we trust that you will see these qualities come out for your benefit when you trust us to manage your cryptocurrency fund.

Investment dividend percentage breakdown

With an investment of £100,000 plus, all dividend returns are determined on an individual basis and paid quarterly. In most cases, your first investment dividend is paid to you within the first two weeks of setting up your account and staking your first investment. This gives our clients an excellent opportunity to diversify into emerging markets and continue the success found in our managed fund accounts.

The remaining investment tiers are as follows:

2k-4k – 1%
5k-10k – 2%
12.5k-20k –5%
25k-50k – 7.5%
55k-100k –10%
over 100k dividend determined on individual basis

The magic of how these gains are made possible lies in our trading platform technology and one aspect that makes our integrated algorithm software stand out from the rest is the ability our software has to isolate low price listing of new coins, mismatched or incorrectly listed prices and market price dips to capitalise on those prices and make purchases before the market catches up.

These automated algorithm patterns deliver exceptional value to our clients by securing coins at the lowest possible buy-in rate and securing these commodities before they start to rise in value or the market catches on and purchases of that specific coin come flooding in.

From an investors perspective, this means that we buy coins at the best time to purchase and make secure additions to your portfolio ahead of any other investors. The data we acquire through this algorithm-based software combined with our investment instincts provides or clients with a perfect balance of sound investment practices at the best prices for healthy and consistent gains.

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It does not matter if your coin decreases in value you will still receive the same monthly dividends, and you will own your coin at the end of the fixed term.

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