Trading Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully

DIGIC (UK) LIMITED: Our Terms and Conditions of Business

Please read this document carefully as our terms and conditions of business form part of our legally binding agreement with you.  If there is anything in this document which you do not understand or agree with then you should cease to use our services with immediate effect.

About Us

Digic (UK) Limited is a limited liability company which is registered in England and Wales under company registration number 10011922.  Our registered office is situate and known as Harbour Exchange Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 9GE.

General Disclaimers

Contracts for differences are complex derivative products and not suitable for all investors.  By entering into an Agreement with us you confirm and warrant that you understand the nature of the market you are entering into and that (where necessary) you have taken appropriate financial advice.  We will not be held responsible for any decision you may make with regard to any investments and/or transactions conducted through us.

To the maximum extent permissible by law neither we nor any of our affiliates will be liable for any loss you may incur through the use of services.

General terms and conditions

  1. To enter into an agreement with us you must deposit a minimum of £5,000.00  and have completed our registration process to our satisfaction (including any identification checks which we may require you to undertake).
  2. Our terms and conditions apply to any of our authorised websites, applications and other third party services which may apply from time to time.
  3. We will not be held liable for any conditions implied by any third parties.
  4. We reserve the right to modify, suspend or continue (whether temporarily or permanently) any or all of our services with appropriate notice.
  5. By entering into any agreement with us you confirm that you have the requisite authority to do and understand that you must satisfy our registration process in order to start investing with us.
  6. Should you choose to have a representative or other third party to act on your behalf then you further confirm that they have the requisite authority to do so and understand that their details will be retained by us for security purposes.
  7. You understand that all profit share, charges or other costs are payable in accordance with the terms of our agreement and that all amounts due to us shall be deducted from your account balance.
  8. You may deposit money into your trading account at any time but if we are not satisfied that you are the sender of the money then we reserve the right to reject funds.
  9. We reserve the right to impose payment, deposit or withdrawal limits and payment, deposit or withdrawal fees as defined in the Client Application.
  10. If we accept any payments by debit card, credit card or any other payment method that may charge processing fees, we reserve the right, on a case by case basis, to charge you a transfer fee.
  11. We reserve the right to use third party payment processing accounts and your funds may be aggregated with other funds on our behalf at our sole discretion.
  12. We reserve the right, without prior notice to you, to make any currency conversions which we consider necessary to comply with our obligations.
  13. All foreign currency exchange risk arising from any transaction or from our compliance with our obligations or the exercise of our rights under these Terms and Conditions shall remain your responsibility.
  14. By entering into an Agreement with us you authorise us to manage your funds in a way we consider best fit for your investment.

How we communicate with you

By providing us with your personal information you agree that we may communicate with you using your preferred method of contact.  Should you wish to amend this information or delete your records from our database then you have a legal right to do so under The Data Protection Act 2018 but understand that we may need to close your account.

We will never provide your personal information to any other third parties unless we are required to do so by law.


We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions from time to time and by entering into an Agreement with us you accept that you have read and understood them in their entirety.

Our Terms and Conditions were last updated on 13thJuly 2018.

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